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Tax Preparation for Travelers
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Our Prices for 2017 Tax Returns

Our flat fees make us a little unusual. Everyone gets the same attention, regardless of how many W2s or interest statements they have. We call it "Tax Prep With a Brain." All is done via phone/fax/email.  Isn't this modern world amazing?    :D
PLEASE NOTE: THE APPROACHING 2018 TAX YEAR PRICES WILL BE LOWER (for returns being completed in 2019 due to the simplification of the tax regs.)

  • Send us your documents, we enter them into our system.
  • Next we contact you to set a phone appointment, where we will review your year, and answer questions.
  • After the appointment, you get a copy of the proposed return for review. Usually via our secure portal, along with our bill, not due for 30 days. :D
  • We will need you to sign your efile consent forms, or follow any other final instructions.
Traveler: Federal Return
(includes: 1040, Sch A, 2106, and supporting documents)- See state return prices below. A joint return counts as one return.
Non-traveler: Federal Return
(includes: 1040, Sch A, and supporting documents)- See state return prices below.
$ 191
STATE RETURNS EACH state return, including USVI - (AK, FL, NV, SD, WY, WA, TN, NH, TX have no tax returns.) - - More than 5 states? We have pity, call us to discuss.
$ 55
State Zero Return (no income, filling for licensing purposes)
$ 10
Local return / School District return (each)
$ 21
If Spouse also takes travel assignments: (contracts, expenses, per diems, etc)
$ 25
Federal Schedule C or E (price depends on complexity)
$ 50
Amended returns
Shoe box charge - Rarely used. For the person that literally send us all of their receipts and we have to go through them, sort and total amounts. (Hint. Hint.)
$75/hr and up
Items below this line relate to international tax issues
Canadian Cross-border T1 - with US return
$ 150
Canadian Cross-border T1 with second spousal T1 - with US return
Canadian Cross-border T1 with Quebec (spouse T1 add $50) - with US return
$ 200
Average cross border return, including all US and Canadian forms is $400-$550, depending on required disclosures.
FBAR (Federal Bank Account Reporting)
$ 50
3520 (Foreign Trust)
$ 45
$ 50

About Us

Yup, you probably only know the name of the "Great Guru Joe," but he is so exalted that he does not speak on the phone without an appointment. To get something done, contact the rest of us.  :D

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Our mantra is "We never charge to chat." If you are a traveler with questions about your tax home, or have questions about per diems, contracts, or how staffing agencies operate, that phone call is free of charge. - - It probably comes from our years in healthcare... educate! educate! educate!

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